Grey Charges

FOX – WOFL   There’s a new concern for consumers- one that could be costing them hundreds of dollars each year. They are called “grey charges”- and one in four people are paying them right now- most likely without knowing it! 5 Types of Grey Charges: Unknown Subscriptions: We’ve probably all seen this when making […]

Mother’s Day Advice

FOX – WOFL   With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we think back to all the unsolicited advice Mom gave us throughout the years – the Mom-isms. Many of us may now realize how right Mom was, and we find ourselves saying the same things to our kids. Some of us may still disregard […]

College Tuition Money Mistakes

FOX – WOFL     The cost of college tuition is rising at an alarming rate. Financial-aid budgets are getting slashed. Student loan debt is at all time high. It isn’t just people in their 20s dealing with fallout from tuition costs; it’s also hitting retirees in the pocketbook.     A study from the Federal Reserve Bank of […]

Tips to Lower 401(k) Fees

FOX – WOFL Your peer is making the same amount of money as you. They save the same amount as well. They’re working the same number of hours. They went to school the same number of years. How is it your peers are retiring with over $100,000 more than you? Similar companies have negotiated very […]

Spring Cleaning Your Finances

FOX – WOFL What needs to be shredded? Destroy all sensitive information, junk mail, and paperwork that includes: Account numbers Birth dates Passwords and PINs Signatures Social Security numbers To protect your privacy, also consider shredding items that include: Names Addresses Phone numbers Email addresses Examples of Documents that need to be shredded Address labels […]

Fate of Retirement

FOX – WOFL Click here to see if you are saving enough for retirement – Retirement Savings Calculator The American workforce is going gray! A report out this month by the Conference Board found a startling number of people are ripping up their retirement plans. What is driving this trend & what we can do to avoid […]

Reducing Debt

FOX – WOFL Credit card debt is a growing problem for younger Americans, one that may follow them all through their life. In a first-of-a-kind study released earlier this month, two Ohio State economists found that people in their late 20’s or early 30’s are not only taking on more debt, but they will likely die […]

Love Match, Financial Mismatch

FOX – WOFL Whether you’re dating, or you’ve been married for 50 years – money is a big deal in a relationship. How can people test their financial compatibility? Well there is a test that you can take to determine your financial compatibility! Click Here to take a test to see if you and your Valentine […]

ObamaCare & Your Budget

FOX – WOFL Click here to calculate how much the Affordable Care Act (AKA ObamaCare) will cost you in taxes. 7 Strategies to Protect Your Financial Security Taxes on high income individuals and trusts have increased for 2013. Planning needs to begin NOW to prepare for tax increases, especially for taxpayers and Trust owners who […]

Fiscal Cliff Deal. What it means for Families & Taxes?

FOX – WOFL If you want to see how much the fiscal cliff deal will cost you in 2013, click here for a calculator from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. You can compare your tax burden with what it was last year – and what it would have been if we’d gone over the cliff. Please call […]