College Tuition Money Mistakes


    The cost of college tuition is rising at an alarming rate. Financial-aid budgets are getting slashed. Student loan debt is at all time high. It isn’t just people in their 20s dealing with fallout from tuition costs; it’s also hitting retirees in the pocketbook.

    A study from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York shows more than 2 million people over age 60 have student loan debt – and now Uncle Sam is coming after their Social Security benefits.

Don’t let this be you.


Florida (FL) 529 College Savings Plans

    The Sunshine State offers both a 529 prepaid program and a 529 savings plan. The Florida Prepaid College Plan has a Florida residency requirement and is the largest prepaid plan in the nation. It is unique among contract-type prepaid programs in offering a dormitory option in addition to its various tuition and fees packages. The Florida 529 Savings Plan is a board-managed 529 college savings program available to residents of any state that hires outside investment managers to separately manage the program’s portfolios.

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529 College Savings Plans In Other States

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