Newlyweds and Finances

FOX – WFTX It is wedding season, so it is the perfect time to talk money and marriage! Jean Ann Dorrell was on Fox4, WFTX with advice for newlyweds to help them find financial harmony.         Create a Partnership Agree on Goals Have Fun Funds Ensure Equal Access Click here for your financial inventory worksheet.

When It Comes To Your Finances – Are You Stuck In The 90s?

FOX – WFTX Jean Ann Dorrell talked with FOX Ft. Myers about why these signs don’t just mean you’re behind the times- you could also be putting your financial future in jeopardy. These 5 signs mean it’s time for an update:         Autopay is a mystery Your phone doesn’t help you shop You don’t know […]

Are Your Friends’ Money Habits Costing YOU Money?

FOX – WFTX Kids aren’t the only ones who deal with peer pressure! The financial habits of friends could be rubbing off on you. Jean Ann Dorrell was on FOX4 Ft. Myers (WFTX) to talk about the types of money traits we see in friends and how to handle each one. Friends & Finances:         […]

Women and Finances – Pay Inequality

FOX – WFTX     Women are making their mark in the workforce. A new study shows women now earn nearly three times what their mothers did. But, they’re still earning less than their dads and their husbands. Financial professional Jean Ann Dorrell talked with FOX4 Ft. Myers with tips for women and their money:      Take […]