Lee Shielka Talks About Why Inflation Is Harmful


https://youtu.be/z1dFMRnm1ps In this video, Senior Financial Security advisor Lee Shielka talks about why inflation is harmful, in addition to discussing some options for protecting your portfolio from inflation and some other interesting investment advice. Who remembers the time period when there was super high inflation and super high interest rates between 1965 and 1985? For […]

Jean Dorrell Talks About the Potential Advantages of Life Insurance


https://youtu.be/oclhWRkYfW0 In this video, CEP and owner of Senior Financial Security Jean Dorrell talks about why life insurance may be a smart investment for your portfolio, in addition to discussing being a full-service financial advisor and some other interesting investment advice. Being a full-service investment firm means that we can do anything. Stocks, bonds, mutual […]

Estate Planning and Digital Assets

Mishaps can sweep away digital assets, destroying sentimental photographs or videos in a blink the same way a natural disaster can wipe away years of memories […]

The most important money conversation you’re not having

Yahoo! Finance By Jean Ann – January 29, 2015 7:06 PM When Rosemary Flanagan died two years ago at the age of 84, her family was stunned. She led an active lifestyle and showed no signs of slowing down before passing away in her sleep. Although she was a mother to seven sons, none of […]

Financial Bullying

FOX – WOFL Almost all couples argue about money, but financial bullying takes things to another level. A survey from Credit Karma shows one in ten Americans in a committed relationship say they are victims. Financial professional Jean Ann Dorrell was on WOFL talking about what financial bullying is and what couples can do to […]

The Importance of Credit

FOX – WOFL The majority of Millennials are choosing cash over credit. A new survey shows more than 6 in 10 young people don’t have a single credit card. Financial professional Jean Ann Dorrell talked with FOX Orlando about the importance of credit and how to use cards responsibly. Click here for a worksheet to […]

Student Loan Debt

FOX – WOFL Student loan interest rates are going up. Financial professional Jean Ann Dorrell talked with WOFL about ways to cut down the cost of college. Cutting College Costs:        Stay in State Consider Community College Work the Web Seek out Scholarships         Find and apply for scholarships here. Focus on Four

Divorcing after 50: The financial hazards

Yahoo! Finance By Jean Ann – August 15, 2014 2:58 PM Breaking up is hard to do no matter when it happens. But getting divorced later in life can be especially traumatic, both emotionally and financially. There are now more divorcées over the age of 50 than ever before. In 1990, just one in 10 […]

Retirement regrets: Costly mistakes to avoid

Yahoo! Finance By Jean Ann – July 29, 2014 12:47 PM If you talk to enough baby boomers or new retirees about what they wish they could do differently, chances are many of them would mention a retirement plan do-over of some kind. And even if you’ve managed to build up a sizable nest egg, […]

Newlyweds and Finances

FOX – WFTX It is wedding season, so it is the perfect time to talk money and marriage! Jean Ann Dorrell was on Fox4, WFTX with advice for newlyweds to help them find financial harmony.         Create a Partnership Agree on Goals Have Fun Funds Ensure Equal Access Click here for your financial inventory worksheet.