Are Your Friends’ Money Habits Costing YOU Money?

FOX – WFTX Kids aren’t the only ones who deal with peer pressure! The financial habits of friends could be rubbing off on you. Jean Ann Dorrell was on FOX4 Ft. Myers (WFTX) to talk about the types of money traits we see in friends and how to handle each one. Friends & Finances:         […]

Women and Finances – Pay Inequality

FOX – WFTX     Women are making their mark in the workforce. A new study shows women now earn nearly three times what their mothers did. But, they’re still earning less than their dads and their husbands. Financial professional Jean Ann Dorrell talked with FOX4 Ft. Myers with tips for women and their money:      Take […]

5 Reasons To File Your Taxes Early

FOX – WOFL January 31st is the first day you can file your taxes. If you’re one of those procrastinators who likes to wait until April 14th to file your taxes, this is the year to change your ways! You won’t only get your refund faster, but filing early could help you avoid fraud, catch […]

Get Financially Fit in 2014

FOX – WOFL       It’s that time of year! Whether you want to lose weight, get organized or quit smoking, more than 40% of Americans will make at least one New Year’s resolution. But, only 8% of us will keep it. One resolution we should all make this year is to get financially fit.     Vague […]

Holiday Scams

FOX – WOFL It is a busy time of year for everyone, including those looking to scam and take advantage of us. Here are six holiday scams you should be on the look out for! Rogue Websites – Click here to determine whether a website is legitimate. Fake e-cards Worthless Gift Cards Charity Scams – […]


FOX – WOFL We all know Thanksgiving is on Thursday, the following day is “Black Friday”, Saturday and Sunday is reserved for leftovers & football, and online sales officially start on “Cyber Monday” (think of “Cyber Monday” as the Internet’s version of “Black Friday”), but do you know what comes next? Tuesday, December 3rd is […]

Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

FOX – WOFL Holiday Shopping Survival Guide It’s easy to overspend around the holidays. Jean Ann Dorrell talked with My FOX Orlando with tips on how to survive the holiday shopping season. Start with her budget worksheet. You can download it here. SFS Holiday Budget Worksheet

Stock in Jocks

FOX – WOFL Stock in Athletes as an Investment From betting on a game to Fantasy Football to now the opportunity to literally invest in your favorite football player. Jean Ann Dorrell appeared on FOX News Orlando to discuss the details and risks in this new type of investing. Start-up Fantex Holdings is taking reservations […]

Healthy Money Habits For Kids

FOX – WOFL Kids’ Money Habits In Place By Age 7 Jean Ann Dorrell appeared on FOX News Orlando sharing tips on how to teach your children and grandchildren healthy money habits. New research finds kids have money habits in place by age 7. So what are some strategies to help the little ones in […]

How To Avoid Obamacare Scams

FOX – WOFL The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has become a scam artist’s dream. The Federal Trade Commission and the National Consumers League say scammers are taking advantage of the program to trick us into divulging personal information and paying for fictitious insurance plans. Jean Ann Dorrell talked to FOX News Orlando about the 5 […]