Don't be a victim - Protect Yourself


In Don’t Be A Victim! Protect Yourself , everything is laid out to inform, empower and teach seniors how to protect their financial future.

Today, there are many financial pitfalls that can be targeted at seniors such as identity theft, investment scams, etc. How can a consumer tell fact from fiction? How can a consumer choose the correct financial advisor? These are just some of the pertinent topics in  Don’t Be A Victim! Protect Yourself.

As the author Christian D. Warren stated, It can be so tough to know who to trust and how to spot a crook. {Dorrell} gives us all the goods. I feel well armed and protected with this book. Dorrell blends professional advice with straightforward explanations and the result is the understanding that not every investment is suited for every person.


Dorrell will guide you through the process of:
  • Handling important financial decisions alone.
  • What to do to protect your monies from the nursing home.
  • Selecting a financial advisor that’s right for you.
  • How to contact governmental agencies for help in case you are victimized.

In  Don’t Be A Victim! Protect Yourself,  Jean Ann Dorrell places her 30 plus years of financial experience into the consumer’s hands. Dorrell is a specialist in helping people protect their assets and understands how confusing financial investments can be. By following Dorrell’s guidance, everyone can learn how to protect themselves and their assets.