The US Treasury Has A Plan for Your IRA…Do You?

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I Want Your I.R.A.!We are conducting an informational workshop that covers many topics related to your retirement. There will be nothing sold at this workshop. Our speaker, Jean A. Dorrell, a Certified Estate Planner, is a Published Author and has been Nationally Interviewed on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street, Kiplinger’s and Fox Business Daily News, on topics pertaining to retirees. Jean has appeared on the “Money Watch” segment on Fox 35 over 30 times and is known as The Smart Money Gal. Jean will inform you about recent changes in Federal and State laws which allow the government to legally tax 30 percent of your IRAs.

This is a must seminar for Retirees who have previously planned to live on their investment income, annuities and IRAs.

5 Strategies To Protect Your Financial Security

  • Planning needs to begin NOW to prepare for tax increases, especially for taxpayers and Trust owners who will be in the top tax brackets in 2014 with just $12,150 in annual income!
  • IRA distributions are exempt from the 3.8% surtax on net investment income, but taxable distributions from these accounts can push income over the threshold amounts causing other investment income to be subject to the tax, such as annuity withdrawals and stock dividends.
  • Find out how Roth conversions are more valuable as a means to eliminate future taxable income and eliminate future RMDs from traditional IRAs before higher tax rates become effective.
  • How to wake up in 20 years and still have money!
  • Trusts are hit hard – The 3.8% surtax kicks in at much lower income levels for trusts. The threshold for trusts and estates is the amount at which the top trust tax bracket takes effect. This amount in 2014 is $12,150. If you are leaving assets to your family through a TRUST you must attend to learn how to avoid the Trust tax.

Due to the popularity of this workshop, available seating is limited and reservations are required. If married, we ask that both spouses attend. Please respond immediately to guarantee a seat.

BBB Accredited BusinessNational Ethics Bureau ApprovedSeating is limited.
To make your reservations, call 352-307-8652 (24 Hours)

PS: The last workshop was full. It could change your life!
(Note:Lawyers, Brokers, CPA’ s or Advisors may NOT attend as space is needed for retirees.)

The presenter, speaker and sponsor of this information is a licensed, independent Insurance agent. The presenter, speaker and sponsor of this information (Invitation) as well as the information presented at the seminar is not related to, endorsed by, nor connected with and not approved by any Government Agency or organization. Although the seminar is providing information of value for consumers, the seminar is a solicitation for Insurance products such as Medicare supplements, Long Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance, & Annuities.

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