How to Save $ On Your Medicare Supplement Insurance Premium

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QUICK & TO THE POINT: Reserve your spot on March 12 or 13, if you’re interested in saving money on your Medicare Supplemental Insurance policy! Just 30 minutes may save you thousands of dollars each year! Call Senior Financial Security, Inc. at 352-307-8652 or click the link below to reserve your spot!
A BIT OF BACKGROUND: During our years of working as retirement planners, we’ve found the two most important things a retiree worries about are: 1) outliving their money (which is why we focus on crafting durable income plans for our clients) and 2) their health insurance-they want to make sure they are covered for a catastrophic health event. They don’t want to exhaust their savings to pay for such things as bypass surgery, chemotherapy treatments, kidney disease and dialysis, or you name it. It’s understandable because any of these things can wipe out a retirement account. 
When it comes to health insurance, most people are not covered by a group or government insurance plan like Tri-Care, so they have really only two options:  
1) MEDICARE ADVANTAGE:You apply for this coverage between October 7 and December 7. This insurance has very low premiums and, in some cases, no premium at all. We are not big fans of this type of coverage. Why? Because you get what you pay for; you are restricted to a network of doctors and a network of hospitals like an HMO. If your doctor or hospital isn’t on the list, too bad. You’re going to also have an out of pocket expense of up to $5,000 per year and potentially a lot of co-payments (which is one reason why they have low premiums).
2) MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTS:You can apply for this insurance any time of the year. This is private insurance with a reasonable premium, of which the insurance company pays the total bill, for all Part A and Part B Medicare expenses that are approved by Medicare. The most common Medigap plans are F, G, and N, and the beauty is that with these plans you can choose any doctor in the country, any surgeon, any hospital, any urgent care. Plus, if you own plan F, you will pay your premium between $125-$300 per month, and that’s it. Even if your bill is $100,000 between the hospital and doctor, plan F covers the total bill; not a penny out of your pocket except for your monthly premiums.
If you are age 65+ and you want to make sure that you have adequate health insurance coverage while paying the lowest premiums possible, then make sure you schedule a Medicare Supplemental review with our team on March 12 or 13. It’s only 30 minutes of your time to potentially save thousands of dollars for years to come! It’s a no brainer! There’s not a retiree in America that wouldn’t jump on an offer to save up to $2,000 per year on their Medicare supplemental policy in exchange for just 30 minutes of their time. 


HOW WE DO IT: The reason we can help you pay the lowest premium for your Medicare supplemental policy is…Technology. We have a unique quoting tool that we are going to demonstrate on March 12 and 13 which will show you how much you can save for the same coverage. We plug in your age, gender, zip code, smoker/non-smoker, marital status, etc. and, in a few seconds, we will find the lowest premium available for plans F, G, or N. Remember, the only thing that matters when you buy a Medicare supplement policy is the premium. We all have been there. It’s like shopping for a new car. You can visit a bunch of Toyota dealerships, all with the same exact car, but all that matters is the price! Why pay more for the exact same coverage? The coverage from insurance companies like Cigna, United Healthcare, Mutual of Omaha, etc., is all the same-all that matters is your monthly premium and we want to help you find the lowest premium possible for excellent coverage.

WHAT’S THE CATCH?: Unlike Medicare Advantage, there is no enrollment period, but you do have to qualify medically, so if you’ve had a heart attack, stroke, cancer, kidney disease, or any major illness in the past 24 months then you will not be able to switch. If it’s been over 2 years then you will likely qualify. Normally, out of every 10 applications we submit, over 80% are approved. Plus, it only takes about 15 minutes to complete an application and costs you nothing to see if you are approved by a lower cost insurance plan. Once you are approved, you can start paying less than you are now-pocket the difference or use it for something more fun than paying insurance premiums!

This is a class for retired folks or people nearing retirement. This is not your average, boring seminar. Come see and feel the difference from someone who truly wants to educate you. Nothing will be sold at this seminar and we will never call you for an appointment.
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*Investment Advisory Services offered through Bucket List Wealth Management LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor.



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Seating is limited.
To make your reservations, call 352-307-8652 (24 Hours)
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Investment Advisory Services offered through Bucket List Wealth Management LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor.

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